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Gem Design Contest! (JUDGING)

Edit: Hey everyone! At this time, the contest deadline has officially been passed and no more entries will be accepted. I was very pleased that I received no extremely last minute entries; those grind my gears so bad lol
But anyway--man, I got a lot of amazing entries!! I'm going to have a lot of difficulty choosing the winners. However, I'm busy during the weekdays (because of work) so I'm hoping to choose the winners and type up the results this weekend.
If everything goes according to plan, the results will be posted in one week (next Monday at latest)! 
Thanks for your patience, and see you soon!!
Blue-orb  - Prompt - Blue-orb
Design Night Blue Pearl's former owner!
this is what current Night looks like c: (she'd look different back then)

Indigo-orb  - Prize
:iconicebergcabbage:IcebergCabbage 83 247
OC Redesign Contest![CLOSED][JUDGING]
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hey guys! I am so sorry to say this, but I have to remove the point prizes from 2nd and 3rd place. I don't have enough points to give to those places. I will maybe open up some "pay what you want in points" sketch commissions, but I'm still unsure. I am really sorry I've been gone for so long; I got a concussion in late May, and I couldn't get onto dA or anyother social media platform for a few weeks. I am also contemplating on leavig dA after this contest. What do you guys think?
   UPDATE: Hey! Just wanted to remind everyone that this will be ending TOMORROW! Don't forget to post your entries, cause I'm not gonna Accept any entries that are posted after 11:59 PST.
Hello, guys! I have
:iconflower-pony-draws:flower-pony-draws 8 39
Blue Bell Redesign Contest! Ends on June 4th
Hey guys! Guess who's back with another contest! This time it's a complete redesign of one of my utaus, Blue Bell. I'm not happy with her current design, it looks too plain and honestly I don't know ho to draw realistic but creative urban clothes. So I'm handing her to you! Here's some facts about BB and what I'm looking for:
Star! BB is a immature childish girl. She likes to pull pranks even though she's over 20.
Star! She is the shortest of my utaus, standing at 5"3"
Star! Her dance is Robotic Pop
Star! Her hairstyle doesn't have to be curly, it can be long, her hair color is a pale blonde. (Though she would have one side of her hair shaven, like Sombra from Overwatch)
Star! She's the loudest of the utaus, cute but annoying.
Star! She has no tats or piercings
As far
:iconladydawnwonderland:LadyDawnWonderland 5 6
CONTEST - Design My Jade!
Hey friends! I'm trying to find someone to design me an outfit for my Jade.
(I've been searching for what feels like forever!)
I want to give her a more japanese themed outfit since she currently just wears a tshirt and shorts. Tbh that doesn't really fit with the name "Jade" so I want to have her more in tune with what a JADE gemstone is!
I'm totally okay with her to have a new color pallet, however her hair MUST remain black so I dont want her outfit to have too much black on it. A little is fine though, if it looks nice!
Here is her reference

I am removing her "Enhanced Strength" off her special abilities. Tbh it is just too much! (lol i just noticed I spelled abilities wrong WHOOPS) but her weapons will remain the same as will her "freckles" and her cat elements!!! (I might go with short fur but sticking with long fur is always ideal for me) Her hairstyle is open to changes as well!!!
Jade is extremely important to me still, even if I no
:iconhirogoldstone:HiroGoldstone 18 73
2000 Points OC Contest And Adopt Raffle (Open)

Welcome to Pastelaine's 2nd OC Contest, You could win various prizes, just follow the instructions,
The deadline (EXTENDED: Contest UP TO July 9,due to lack of entries, Raffle UP TO July 30)

Pixel: Pink Heart PRIZES Pixel: Pink Heart
1st Place:
+ 1000 Points 
+ 2 Llamas  
+ 1 Year Art Feature in my ADOPT GROUP (It has 3K members to see your art)
New + chibi (traditional pencil sketch) from katagro
:iconpastelaine-art:pastelaine-art 488 622

Newest Deviations

[APH] Nyotalia - Everyone's Fave nyo!Non-Communist by skyfaringwhales [APH] Nyotalia - Everyone's Fave nyo!Non-Communist :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 17 1 [APH] Animaltalia - I Swear I'm Not a Furry by skyfaringwhales [APH] Animaltalia - I Swear I'm Not a Furry :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 5 0 [APH] Random Concepts? pt. 2 by skyfaringwhales [APH] Random Concepts? pt. 2 :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 3 0 [APH] Random Concepts? by skyfaringwhales [APH] Random Concepts? :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 3 0 [RQ-APH] The Coolest Kids by skyfaringwhales [RQ-APH] The Coolest Kids :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 3 0 [RQ-APH] But Wait There's More by skyfaringwhales [RQ-APH] But Wait There's More :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 2 1 [APH] Tired by skyfaringwhales [APH] Tired :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 12 2 [APH] Digitize Me Captain by skyfaringwhales [APH] Digitize Me Captain :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 13 1 [PS-PM] Sakura Icon by skyfaringwhales [PS-PM] Sakura Icon :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 6 0 [PS-PM] Like the First One, but Stronger by skyfaringwhales [PS-PM] Like the First One, but Stronger :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 1 3 [PS-PM] Sakura-Chan Pagedoll(?) by skyfaringwhales [PS-PM] Sakura-Chan Pagedoll(?) :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 5 0 [ID] A Skyfaring Whale by skyfaringwhales [ID] A Skyfaring Whale :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 7 1 [HBD-APH] UK (2/2) by skyfaringwhales [HBD-APH] UK (2/2) :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 11 0 [HBD-APH] US (1/2) by skyfaringwhales [HBD-APH] US (1/2) :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 19 1 [APH] Day 3 - Character You'd Date by skyfaringwhales [APH] Day 3 - Character You'd Date :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 4 0 |APH| Day 2 - Your Least Favourite Character by skyfaringwhales |APH| Day 2 - Your Least Favourite Character :iconskyfaringwhales:skyfaringwhales 3 0



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Kendall Silver
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States


New * by Kittyrocker

Bonjour, y'all! Happy by Drawn-Mario

My name is (not really) Kendall Silver AKA Skyfaringwhales AKA Aschiee (I took a really long hiatus and now I want a fresh start) but you can call me... whatever you want! * by Kittyrocker

(also the last thing I posted there was in 2015... I swear I have improved since then just you wAAIIIT-)

I'm pretty young and therefore I'm also kinda poor but I try to art as best I can... (so don't make fun of me when you see me drawing on lined paper occasionally... err, more than occasionally. That's my sketchbook, sue me. [Actually, don't. Because I'm still poor lol]) I hope you still like what I draw, friends!

Anyways, I'm really bad at introducing myself therefore here's some things, mi amigos:

Requests 'Open' by Drawn-Mario

Art Trades 'Open' by Drawn-Mario

Commissions 'Soon' by Drawn-Mario


:bulletred: By commissions, I mean point commissions. I can't have a PayPal, plus my art's not good enough for actual money. Sad Marshmallow Emoticon by Gasara
:bulletorange: Commissions and requests are different because if you request something, it won't have as much detail put into it. Is that to say I won't try? OF COURSE NOT! It's just that for bigger projects, I might want points... I hope that doesn't sound as rude as I think it does. Speech Sweatdrop Emoticon by Gasara
:bulletyellow: I'll, uh... figure out the whole point commissions thing later... but I know I'd need points up front, because all those scammers have me paranoid, lol... You totally have the right to a refund too by the way, if we can't come to an agreement.
:bulletgreen: I may or may not do kiribans? I dunno, it's a weird thing, haha.
:bulletblue: Gifts are also "open!" Not exactly "open" because if you ask for them it's a request, lol. I just do them randomly.
:bulletpurple: I can't really do collabs because y'know... traditional art... look, if you figure out a way to line and colour it I'm game lol.
:bulletblack: Finally, fav by DiegoVainilla's, cute watch by DiegoVainilla's, cute llama by DiegoVainilla's, and comments are all appreciated because I love you! Happy Marshmallow Emoticon by Gasara

Bye! Speech Heart Emoticon by Gasara

Emoticons/Buttons by: Drawn-Mario, Gasara, Kittyrocker, DiegoVainilla, and blushbun.

Icon base by: MughalRox.

Go check them out! [ Pixel ] tiny flower! by blushbun

Also I found out how to use page-dolls! Sakura-chan says hello :)


[APH] Animaltalia - I Swear I'm Not a Furry
AYYY here's a Animaltalia!Egypt I'm really proud of!

He's a jackal, it's supposed to be like Anubis... I know he has the wrong tail probably but I guess he's... whatever that dog-thing is that he has idk

This was for a contest that hasn't ended yet, but I saw a lot of other good entries so I'm probably not gonna win haha but it was fun to draw anyway, plus I inked it and used a dynamic pose :>

Hope you like! ^^

Gupta Muhammad Hassan / Egypt © Himaruya-san
[APH] Random Concepts? pt. 2
hey here's the last thing!!

I drew this today and I actually like it!! I think I might start sketching with pen, it looks ok and the camera recognizes it better ^^ commitment isn't so bad lol

idk why but I like the idea of italy as a water spirit or smth... in this he's a naiad :3

and I also really like sea witch Wy! It probably should've been Sealand but i tried it and i didn't like it... it could've been seychelles but i wanted it to be a kid :l

also aushun is a+++++++ i love it i love them they should get married again

(headcanon: hungary can't sing but austria thinks she can because he loves her so much and no one else wants to tell them lol)

("u can't sing a sharp sign" sHUT-)

Roderich Edelstein / Austria © Himaruya-san
Elizabeth Herdervary / Hungary © Himaruya-san
Wendy Kirkland / Wy © Himaruya-san
Feliciano Vargas / Italy © Himaruya-san
Ludwig Beilschmidt / Germany © Himaruya-san

(i swear the more i look at the italy + germany picture the more I hate it but if i don't look directly at germany's weird big chin and focus more on italy i like it more...)
[APH] Random Concepts?
Here's also some things I drew yesterdayyy

Ignore the first one it was for a thing but I don't think I like it anymore :/

I do like the second one though!! Plant wizard england is best england I might do something with that :0 maybe the third one too

Btw what is even a light source what is ???? shading ???? idk

Arthur J. Kirkland / England © Himaruya-san
Francis Bonnefoy / France © Himaruya-san
Alfred F. Jones / America © Himaruya-san


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Artist appreciation day!

You've improved SO much! Your style has gotten a lot more cemented and you've gotten better with anatomy and posings and such
I'm so proud of you, child Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 

Keep on doing what you do :D

no i won't draw thomas jefferson again
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